Saturday, November 4, 2006


Have you ever thought about the amount of money and things being collected for charity? There are walks and runs for causes, auctions, fund raisers, companies making splashy donations, employees raising money for causes or having money deducted from their checks for charity.

Samaritans, Heart Association, Cancer Society, Diabetes Association, youth homes, help for soldiers, help for soldiers children, events for seniors who can't afford to buy their medicine, companies donating or paying a portion of prescription medicines, you know the list of things we do in America and in other countries is longer than long.

We give and give and give. Giving is good, not knocking it. Just questioning whether we are giving smart.

There are entire industries that would go away if we ever found a cure for the disease they are trying to eradicate. Have you ever thought that just possibly it is not in their best interest to succeed?

Have you ever visited the home office mega-building of some of these organizations? Yes, they do need to look professional if they're going to attract big buck donations and support from the corporate world. However, wouldn't we be better served if they carried these prospective companies to lavish labs with doctors and researchers hard at work? Not saying they don't have them, just know that in Atlanta there is a gorgeous building that houses a very well supported charity. There are a number of folks in this world that would gladly have sold the rugs they walk on to pay for disease fighting drugs that may have eased their pain.

Oh well, another thing I can't do much about. The list is long.

I like to give and I work hard to help others. I spent many years working to raise money for some of the mega-organizations. I'm not so sure my efforts were channeled in the best direction. Now I prefer to keep it local and to know the folks who will be using any money I give or raise. I like seeing results.

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