Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wild life...

Two kinds of wild life... the kind you live and the kind you see. Could be that others think of something different than those two, but they're all that come to my mind when I hear the term.

It's funny how life changes which type pops into someone's mind first!

Used to be I probably wouldn't have thought first of deer, wild turkeys and birds... I'd have thought about someone's wild life.

What spurred this short blog this fairly early Saturday morning was the little blur of motion I caught out of the corner of my eye as I worked on the computer. My office has windows that reach from the top of the desk to the ceiling on three sides. I have a huge custom-built "desk" that wraps around the entire outer walls of the office.

The view out those many windows is spectacular and distracting at times! Hummingbird feeders keep the little birds fighting to defend their territory. An occasional rabbit zips across the yard. A week or so ago a huge hawk sailed across the window front to land on the side yard just long enough for me to run get the cameras... he took off when I moved to take the photo.

More frequently the deer distract me from my work. This morning's eye-catching movement was a family (I assume) of deer. It looked like mom, pop and baby. They moved around the edge of the woods that enclose our yard, nipping at the bushes, helping to keep our grass short.

We have three sets of wild turkeys that migrate around the house. They'll wander through for days, then vanish for a while. I understand they can travel up to ten miles in one day. If that's true it's quite a feat for those usually plodding creatures. I have seen them move -- fast. Most of the time they seem to be used to my intrusion with the camera. They'll slowly move off into the nearest cover they find when the see me.

It's a tough life out here in the middle of the county! You'd think we were out in the boonies, but we're in the middle of a fairly large county. The elected officials in this county have done a phenomenal job keeping oasis like ours intact. The county has a one-acre minimum for homes, and they do a step up and down of two-acres, to three-acres, etc. We're in a five acre minimum area at the moment that steps down to smaller land lots until it reaches the cities on either side of us.

So much for a short blog! I start rambling and pretty soon I have the beginnings of a book no one would buy! I've been writing a lot in one of my other blogs lately, Politics: Fayette County Georgia and Beyond. The current county commission seems determined to toss away what so many of our past commissioners have built. I think they may be tagged with the ruin of the county in years to come and it's worrying me. Hence, I've been writing... I'll try to do better with this blog, my favorite!