Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lots of good people and good things still left in this world!

Another neat story below that shows the better side of human nature.

Short version: A woman lost a treasured ring, someone found it when biting into some fudge she'd made and sold. They returned it.

Happy endings do happen. I'm sure the person who bit into the fudge is happy they didn't crack a tooth, too!

I bet that's the last time the fudge lady wears a ring with that much sentimental value while cooking!

There are those who might have kept the ring, thought about pawning it or having the diamond re-set into another ring or necklace. I think most of us would have made an attempt to find the owner.

I remember a number of years ago losing a diamond earring. I really loved those earrings even though they weren't ultra-expensive. They were my first diamond earrings so they had some meaning. They were a gift, not something I would normally purchase for myself.

I looked for weeks and weeks in all kinds of odd places and finally gave up.

Later in the year, can't tell you how much time had gone by, I had to stay with my grandmother for some reason. I spent the night in the guest room as I always did. I got up the following morning, stepped to the shower, then reached over to turn it on. I just happened to look down for some reason, not something you normally do when focusing on turning on the shower. There, right on the edge of the drain, sat my earring. If I'd turned the water on the earring would have gone into the drain before I could grab it, if I'd even noticed it.

Thank goodness no one had spent the night since the last time I had done so.

The fudge lady and I both thought we'd lost something of importance. Both of us found our piece of jewelry by happenstance. The big difference (aside from the cost and sentimental value) was the return of her ring involved the goodness of other people. Here's the story, it's short:

Man Finds Fudge Maker's Lost Diamond Ring Inside Candy
LAFAYETTE, Indiana — A woman whose diamond ring vanished while she was making fudge for a bake sale was despondent after scouring her home and finding no sign of it.
But Linda Vancel recently got a sweet surprise: A relative of the woman who bought the fudge found the ring when he bit into a piece of the candy.,2933,319000,00.html

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