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Four Ways to Digitally Preserve Your Wedding Photos

RJ Note: Ah, the age of digital information. Ain't it grand.

(ARA) – Your great-grandmother probably had just one treasured wedding portrait, and your own mother likely captured memories of her special day in an old-fashioned photo album. You, however, are getting married in the Internet age, which means you’ll be able to preserve a virtually limitless number of images from the biggest day of your life.

Here are four ways to digitally preserve your wedding photos:

1. Digital Devices

From digital picture frames to smart phones that allow you to store images on a micro SD memory card, digital devices mean you can keep - and carry with you – favorite wedding photos. Some digital frames limit the number of images you can store, while others are compatible with SD memory cards, meaning you can store, view and swap out thousands of images. You can also use your MP3 player, laptop, PDA and some mobile phones to store images.

2. Your PC or Laptop

Many wedding photographers now offer services to put your wedding photos on a disc so that you can transfer images to your PC or laptop. Most developing services, like those found in pharmacies or department stores, also offer the option to put your images on a disc. This storage method makes it easy to transfer images to your PC or laptop, where you can use editing software to create collages, crop, color-adjust and otherwise manipulate your images.

3. Photo-sharing Web Sites

Many photo-sharing Web sites now offer ample storage for all your wedding photo needs., for example, a new innovator in photo-sharing, offers 7GB of free storage, enough to store thousands of images. Photo-sharing Web sites also allow you to spice up your photo presentation with effects like captioning, cropping, editing, borders and more. You can present your images in a slide-show format, and even share images with a specific group of family or friends, or designate them viewable by anyone interested in wedding images. One caveat – photo-sharing sites are only for original, amateur works, not the copyrighted images you receive from your professional wedding photographer.

PhotosYourWay also offers the opportunity to get paid for your original, amateur wedding images. When you upload your images, simply select the option that makes them available for purchase by photo houses, advertising agencies, publishers and anyone else who needs fresh wedding images on a regular basis. The Web site acts as a broker for the images, sharing a percentage of the sale price with the member who posted the photo. It’s possible to make up to $300 for exclusive rights to one of your images.

5. Your Own Wedding Web Site

Many couples are now opting to design their own Web sites prior to the wedding. Pre-wedding day, the sites can be great resources to communicate important information to guests and for making faraway loved ones feel like a part of your wedding preparations. After your big day, the site can be used to share anecdotes and images from the honeymoon, update friends and family on where you’ll be living as newlyweds, and even for posting personal thank-you messages for especially thoughtful gifts.

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