Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pigs Feature Large in Local General Election, in the South Pacific

RJ Note: At first, we were not quite sure what to make of this story. Guess it's a "carry a big stick" if you want to impress a man in some areas. Anyway, education is an important element for future leaders of any country. Access to education is a wonderful benefit of living in the USA. Perhaps, we shouldn't take it for granted. Kudos to this group for assisting others in their desire to learn.

24-7- United States former first lady, Hilary Clinton, through her courage and fortitude, has pioneered the way for women to enter the higher echelons of the political ladder in the United States.

It has long been said that the female hand rocks the nation. This may once again be proven to be true, in 2008, as more and more women mobilize in favor of female candidates.

According to political writer Douglas Drenkow, for Obama to succeed in the polls, he should consider electing a woman for Vice-President. This should lessen the impact should McCain choose to follow suit.

Undeterred by the rising trends of the 21st Century, lying to the South West Pacific is the secluded tropical island paradise of Vanuatu.

One time voted in 2006 as the "Happiest Country on the Earth". This small tropical island thrives on a heavily male dominant society, whereby it is a rarity for a woman to achieve high ranking chiefly, or political status.

The Hilary Clinton legacy has not reached the shores of the most stable environment in the South Pacific.

One name, Ms Jenny Ligo, can be heard ringing across the air waves of the 83 islands of the archipelago.

Jenny is the niece of the late Grace Molisa. Both from the island of Ambae, are the only females to have ever achieved a high chiefly status.

Jenny was given a chiefly title when she ceremoniously clubbed to death eleven pigs, during the commemoration of her marriage to husband Joe Ligo, last year.

Jenny's further success and right to enter politics was announced by the Chairman of the Vanuatu National Council of Chiefs, Chief Paul Tahi, after Jenny ceremoniously clubbed to death a further eleven pigs.

Similar to the Hilary legacy, Ms Ligo not only has the Ambae Chiefs to back her, but has gained the support of the women of Ambae and other islands whom have known her for her work commitments while as CEO for the National Council of Women.

The Happiest Country on Earth has a population that lives on under $1 a day. This makes school fees an impossible dream.

There is a growing restlessness in the younger generation, who are demanding the right to an education, the right to become qualified leaders for their country.

The government admitted in late 2007 that it does not have the finances to provide free education.

The terrifying consequences of this are:
• only 55.8% of Vanuatu kids will get to grade 6
• of those only 18.2% will go to high school
• 26% will never go to school at all.

The statistics have changed little since 1999.

YouMe Support Foundation is one of the few charities raising funds for these educationally challenged youths. This Child Trust Fund provides non-repayable high school education grants to the children of the Outer Islands, children who will never have the opportunity to see the inside of a high school classroom.

Through her courageous performance of the pig clubbing ceremony and entry into the political area, Jenny Ligo has become the icon of hope in the lives of these isolated island communities.

You can find out more about these beautiful people and this fascinating Happiest Country on Earth at winaresort. You too can make a difference in their lives, through a Blue Moon Opportunity.

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