Friday, August 22, 2008

Michael W. Smith, Southwest Christian Care and The Clothes Less Traveled

I'm really looking forward to tonight! Micheal W. Smith is going to perform at the annual Southwest Christian Care benefit dinner and Greg (my husband) and I will be there.

There are so many happy notes to write about tonight that I have a hard time figuring out where to start!

Going to see Smith is a treat. I defy anyone to listen to My God is an Awesome God, or Here I Am, or any of his other songs without being moved. It doesn't matter whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, the words, the sentiments, the feelings, the music are gonna touch something if your heart is touchable. In other words, ya gotta have some pretty thick walls around those emotions if you don't feel something when he sings!

Southwest Christian Care is such a great group of people with hearts too big to fit inside that banquet hall! Day after day they minister to those who are looking at this big beautiful world for the last time. They do everything they can to make dying an easier passage regardless of a person's faith. As a friend of mine would say, they give feet to their prayers.

To wrap up what is already a twice-blessed evening, I will be sitting at one of the Clothes Less Traveled's tables. Just in case I haven't mentioned it before on this blog, I'm on the Board of the Clothes Less Traveled.

The Clothes Less Traveled is a thrift store ministry. I came full circle to sit on the Board. Years back when Joan Velsmid and others were putting the concept together they asked me to help with the name and the logo. I came up with a list of suggested names (with The Clothes Less Traveled being my favorite). They loved it and voila, a ministry was christened with its formal name.

The group has now been doing good works for just over ten years. Earlier this year I became a Board member. What a joy to be part of this group! I knew they were out there over the years, but had absolutely no idea how much they contributed to the local community. I won't go into detail, but I do hope you'll visit the website and check us out!

So tonight I'm triple dipping! I'm going to try and get a few photos so I can share some highlights from the evening with you. I imagine I'll pop the info on our Music Matters blog, maybe the Helping Hands blog and definitely the Fayette Front Page. Hmmm... we have a brand new site, Maybe I'll do a music review... ah, just remembered our Art Snob blog which is supposed to be reviews of the arts... I guess I'm stuck, I'll have to make sure I write up something over the next few days, won't I?
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