Friday, August 29, 2008

Smart Move to Pick Superwoman, McCain!

Sarah Palin is a grand choice for the Grand Old Party nominee! McCain's campaign was starting to look a little stale compared to all the hoopla and umph being generated by Obama and company. Gotta tell ya, I think McCain just took the wind out of Obama's sails. Who cares about his speech last night right now? Not the media, that's for sure!!!

Wow, what a great choice. Not because she's a woman, although that is a good move as far as I'm concerned. If he'd picked a so-so, inside-the-beltway type woman, or a boring woman, then the energy wouldn't be the same.

McCain picked superwoman!

Man oh man don't I wish I could do half the things this woman can do?

Five kids, runs marathons, governs a state, has a good looking husband ladies..., was a beauty contestant (winner?), hard ass when needed, good looking herself, ethical, shoots guns, eats mooseburgers, was a PTA (or PTO depending on your neighborhood) Mom, city council, mayor, plays sports, hockey-mom, smart, well-spoken, pro-life, wants to drill oil... all juxtaposed with things that are not typical Republican --- union member in the past, husband is current union member.... Alaska, which couldn't be further from Washington... not typical politics... not afraid to speak her mind (although that's something typical for Republican women, we all seem to speak our minds, don't we?)...

I could rave on. I love having Superwoman Palin on the ticket!

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