Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TV Tossing- A New View

RJ Note: This is a dilemma. What does one do with those big TVs? The sets today are so large and cumbersome that it takes more than one person to move them around, that is, if they can be moved without ripping out the walls of your home. Of course, this topic can send me off on a whole new direction. How does one ever rearrange the furniture?

Lately, I noticed a repair shop in Fayetteville had an overabundance of super dee duper large TVs collecting dust. According to the owner, they can be most difficult to repair or too costly. The solution for some people? Leave them at his shop for eternity.

Glad to see someone is thinking of a way to dispose of these high tech monsters. Wonder what this company does with them?

LCD TV Installation, Plasma TV Installation and Recycling by HD Installers

BUSINESS WIRE --HD Installers, the recent winner of the 2008 LCD TV Installation Company of the Year Award and the leader in big screen TV installation, is launching a television recycling service. The television recycling service is an industry first by a nationwide provider of LCD TV Installation, Plasma TV Installation and Home Theater Installation.

The television recycling service provides both consumers and businesses with demounting and disposal of LCD TV, Plasma TV, LCoS, rear-projection, and DLP big screen televisions. Layla Alford, director of PR, says, “We have had several customers that had purchased a first or second generation big screen TV that they now would like to remove and either donate to local charity, if working, or ecologically dispose of televisions that are not salvageable. We found that most customers did not have the means to dispose of their old rear projection, LCD or Plasma TVs and know what to do with the old screen after we installed their new LCD or Plasma television. Due to customer demand we have launched the HD Installers TV Recycling Service.”

“HD Installers isn’t marking up this service to be a huge money maker but the impact of improperly disposed LCD or Plasma TVs on the environment will have a far greater cost for all of us in the long run if we don’t start addressing this need now. HD Installers is committed to continuing to provide our award winning LCD TV Installation, Plasma TV Installation services while making sure the impact on environment of replacing old technology has the least impact on the environment as possible,” said Alford.

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