Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Georgia Man Invents Cover-Lifting Device

RJ Note: Guess this could come in handy for some folks.

PRNewswire/ -- A Jefferson, GA man has invented a product designed to offer a better night's sleep to individuals who experience nighttime discomfort due to sheets and blankets binding or even touching their feet. When attached to the foot of any-sized bed, the "Cover Hover" (patent pending) raises sheets and blankets to create a canopy-like effect over the feet, allowing space for the feet to move around freely while still retaining insulation and warmth.

The developer of the Cover Hover is Carey Strickland, a Jefferson native and co-owner of Hi-Tec Machining, Inc., a precision parts manufacturer in Jefferson. Strickland has 20 years of experience in the machining field; he came up with the idea for the product after a minor foot surgery made sleeping with his bandaged foot under the covers uncomfortable. The solution he came up with was the Cover Hover, which he was able to refine at Hi-Tec Machining. "It was nice to have a machine shop handy when it came to the research & development phase of the product," said Strickland.

Strickland's product differs from other cover-lifting devices on the market, as it consists of telescoping plastic tubing, which makes the product significantly less expensive and lightweight. Its snap-lock structure requires no tools for assembly and folds down to the level of the bed's baseboard for storage during the day.

The Cover Hover is offered for sale both through the company's website (www.coverhover.com) and over the phone. Though the site has only recently been launched, Strickland reports that the initial demand for his product is encouraging. "I am pleased with the response so far, but not overly surprised. It's a simple, affordable device that I think will benefit a great number of people."

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