Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let Me Be Very Clear

One thing I'll be happy about on November 5th is that maybe, just maybe, I won't hear the phrase, "let me be very clear" again for a long, long time. Never would be too soon.

Every time some political hack is backpedaling or covering their candidates back side, they start off with some standard phrases, the most obnoxious being the one in the title of this blog.

Another one that I hear way too often is "out of touch with mainstream America". I'd venture to say that most politicians who've been in office for a couple of cycles are probably out of touch, period. It's rather funny hearing one millionaire politician saying that phrase about their opponent right before they hop in their limo to go to the next thousand dollar dinner fund raiser. The only "politician" I know at the national level who's not out of touch with mainstream America (geez, I hated to even type that phrase) is Sarah Palin. She's about as real as you can get at this point in time. I don't think living in the White House is going to keep her from staying in touch, either.

Here's a list of other phrases that are said way too often:

I'm not a politician.
Culture of corruption.
Inside the beltway (and outside the beltway).
Moral majority.
Audacity of hope.
Windfall profits.

Politics of fear. (Here's an interesting blog I found while looking to see who used this phrase mostly: Why Must Obama Use a Marxist Catch Phrase To Attack His Critics? )
Even though I'm supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin, I could live without hearing "My friends" quite so often, too.
Let me be very clear, I have the audacity to hope the moral majority takes the "Straight Talk Express" into the White House next Tuesday so we can make some headway against the culture of corruption that lives inside the beltway, then I'm hoping they leave all those irksome phrases behind forever!

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