Monday, December 1, 2008

Children Report Magic Elf Sightings Across the Country!

RJ Note: Santa's elves have been visiting my home in Fayette County for many years. It's always a treat to see when and where the little darlings will show up. Sometimes, it's in the tree, or in a plant, or on top of the furniture. We've even caught one taking a nap in a crystal dish! The magic of the holidays: The magic of love just warms the cockles of my heart.

/PRNewswire/ -- NORTH POLE -- Christmas just got a bit more exciting, this according to children across the country who, until recently, lived daily school-play-sleep routines until frisky Elf Magic elves began "magically" appearing within homes ready to fill their holiday seasons with adventure and love. Certain that the lively Elf visitors are the real thing -- boys and girls know to look for the snowflake over the heart of the authentic Elves, placed there by Santa himself -- Elf-spotting youngsters everywhere have been gleefully preparing family activities that accompany the Elves' visits to their favorite households.

"Every year, Santa finds it in his heart to let more and more of his spirited Elf friends visit families across the world, once they've finished their work at the North Pole -- bringing a genuine warmth and closeness within the home," says Piper Worthington, head elf of Elf Magic. "Easily enticed by crackers and water -- the crackers sound like crunching snow, and the water is melted North Pole Snowflakes, of course -- Elf Magic elves need no excuse to spend the holiday season creating memories with children. This year, in particular, many, many children wrote to Santa asking for a special Elf visitor to brighten their Christmas -- so it's no surprise the mischievous little Elves are magically appearing in record numbers."

Take for instance recent developments at the Weatherly home in Sandy Springs, Ga. Three days before Thanksgiving, everything was as it should be -- Jim, the father, was hard at work at his job as a Realtor. Kelly, the mother, tirelessly balanced the demands of piano lessons, tumbling classes and putting dinner on the table. And 7-year-old Abby rehearsed her lines as the Elf narrator of her school's Christmas play. This until Belle, a real Elf Magic elf sent in response to 4-year-old Julia's heart-melting plea to Santa, arrived on Thanksgiving Day, rested and ready for an entire season's worth of play, learning and excitement. Part of the timeless Christmas tradition, Belle also arrived at the Weatherlys with North Pole Snowflakes, which the girls sprinkle on her nightly to bring the magic Elf to life for a night of adventures and mischief.

"Elf Magic elves are bearers of fantasy, affection and good cheer who, at times, we all wish we could be," Worthington says. "But don't let their charming adolescence fool you for a second. Once the lights go out for the night, these little guys and gals sometimes embark on several hours of daring Elfcapades and bold pranks. Yes, they're darling and mean so well, but to suggest that the Elves don't get bigger than their britches some nights would be a North Pole-sized stretch. To be honest, though, my family wouldn't have it any other way!"

Since the Elf Magic elves return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with Santa, they rarely catch a wink of sleep plotting the next adventure or activity with their host family. This year, with children reporting sightings of the fanciful Elf visitors in more houses than ever before, families can expect a nonstop stream of laughter, festivity and -- yes, some mischief -- all of which work together to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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