Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do you like your Christmas presents?

Last week my family gathered at my brother's house for Christmas dinner. I'd guess there were maybe 20 of us in his home, talking, eating, catching up and enjoying the kids. As usual, it was non-stop with activity from the moment we hit the door around 2 p.m.

Even though the kids have already opened presents at home, their focus is on getting even MORE presents from the family. We make them wait until after dinner, of course

This year, we made them wait just a bit longer as we needed time to rest after all the hustle and bustle... and we wanted to let the food digest a bit... truthfully, it's fun torturing the kids just a bit .

Finally, my youngest niece, Alysha, had had enough. She came into the den where we were all sitting and announced it was time to open the presents.

She's six going on sixteen.

She flounced in and said, "People, listen up. I have something to tell you

Putting her hands on her hips, swiveling her head to make sure she made eye contact with everyone in the room as she spoke, she continued, "It's time to open presents NOW. I want you ALL to remember this first. Even if you don't like what you get, you HAVE to tell the person who got it for you 'Thank you, I like my present.' THEN you can open the next one

I caught the look on my brother-in-laws face --- it was great! Open mouth, eyes wide and then he put his forehead down on the back of the chair he was kneeling behind.

I looked at Alysha and asked her what we were supposed to say if we really did like it. She hesitated for a slit second and said, "Then you say you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like my present

While we were all laughing, I heard Steve quietly tell her that his instructions to her on the drive over weren't meant for everyone, just for her.

Needless to say, we were all curious to see whether our gift to her was something she "really liked" or something she "really, really, really liked."
Photo: Alysha with her new moon-shoes, new Sponge-Bob pajamas and new bracelets.

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