Friday, January 16, 2009

One Day of Service Sure Would Free Me Up

There's been so much about Barack Obama and his wonderful idea of a National Day of Service which is proposed for January 19. Even Obama and Biden are reputed to be willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in on that one day.

Why is this important? Why January 19th? What is the real agenda?

All I have to do is answer the phone or talk to so many of our local Fayette County citizens to know how much time and effort we already give to serving others. There are numerous groups of individuals and clubs who do nothing but serve others.

Are we supposed to scale back to just one day a year to be helpful and caring for our fellow man and our nation? Or does the esteemed president elect suspect a large majority of his supporters don't lift their delicate little pinkies to help others?

Will he give us credit when he mandates one day of service for all the daily and weekly time and money we already provide to those who need help? Or will it have to be his chosen service?

And why serve on Martin Luther King day? Isn't that a day America has set aside to honor the man who preached change through peace? Is the esteemed president elect trying to downplay King's message with his own? Does he want to be big man on the totem pole?

So many questions, but I must run. Seems like I've got another date to go serve an American who needs help. Should I call them and say I'll be there on Monday?

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