Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bill Zucker’s ‘I Want Some Tarp’ Launches Million Tarphead March and Unlikely Call for Presidential Candidate

RJ Note: What a great song. I first noticed the song on January 23 when it was posted on one of the Fayette Front Page blogs called the Mint Julep Journal. Thanks to Miss Etta for noticing it. It seems like it just keeps getting bigger. Click here to see the journal entry and link to the song.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bill Zucker's "I Want Some Tarp" keeps growing. With thousands of sites on the internet, many Americans are urging this unlikely political anti-hero to run for president in 2012!

The people have made Zucker's song and viral YouTube video an anthem in the fight against the wasteful handouts of the tax-payers' money to big business with no accountability. Some are calling him a modern day Robin Hood, trying take from the rich to give to the poor. When the L.A. Times called for an interview about the "Bill Zucker for President" rumors, he laughed, saying "Don't be a sucker vote for Zucker!" But Zucker is still receiving emails from all over the U.S. about foreclosures, loss of retirement funds, and unemployment.

It began a few weeks ago when The Tarp Song debuted on CNBC's Power Lunch. In a national Fox News live Miami to New York interview, Neil Cavuto said "Bill's Song has summed up what all Americans are feeling in only three minutes" and noted "Bill Zucker's Tarp Song will be bigger than Obama girl!" Since then, Zucker has been interviewed by the Boston Herald, San Diego Tribune, USA Today, TV Guide. Major news outlets have said Zucker's song has immortalized the Tarp bailout plan.

After the release of the Tarp Song, Bill has been busy with TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine interviews. After a youtuber left him a humorous comment, Bill teamed up with Todd Pitt of zerostrategist.com (an independent social media strategy consulting firm) who rapidly built billzucker.com to converse with other Tarpheads who are fed up with the financial situation in America.

The Presidential Tarphead wants to use his website and other sites like Twitter, MySpace and YouTube to organize a "Million Tarphead Dance" on Washington this spring. Zucker envisions a million citizens doing the Tarp Dance down K Street and up Pennsylvania Ave to the steps of the capitol building to send a clear message to Congress, President Obama and Corporate fat-cats alike.

Bill never thought he'd be able to make such a depressing subject so funny and said, "I feel good that I am making people laugh in such dismal times."

The Tarp Song is available on Amazon, iTunes and other mp3 websites for 99 cents.

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