Thursday, February 19, 2009

National Population Group Calls for 2010 Census to Be Free of Political Interference

RJ Note: The census must be performed in a nonpolitical way, otherwise, it is open to be manipulated. Keep America free. If you have an opinion, be sure to let your elected officials know it.

/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Concerned that the Obama administration will follow through on its quest to politicize the U.S. Census and undercut the credibility of its final numbers, Negative Population Growth President Don Mann has written to President Obama asking that the White House let officials and professionals at the Department of Commerce and the U.S. Census Bureau "carry out this mission...and do their jobs without political interference."

Mann's comments follow recent talk of Rahm Emmanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, moving direct oversight of the Census into his office. In such a case, critics fear that the counts could be open to "readjustments" or manipulation of data. "Census numbers play an integral role in the allocation and dispersal of government funds and a major role in legislative redistricting on the local, state and federal level. It is important that the 2010 Census be free of any political taint," Mann exclaimed.

He added, "I must add my voice to those who demand that the credibility and political independence of the 2010 Census numbers be preserved and that the White House exert no special direct oversight of this enormous national undertaking in the coming months."

Mann stressed: "For more than 220 years the decennial U.S. Census has been conducted above and beyond politics and the results have been an integral part of shaping our democracy. Now, as America prepares to carry out our 23rd census, it is absolutely critical that we follow that tradition and keep it nonpartisan."

Negative Population Growth is the premier national organization focused on population issues. In focusing on the census Mann noted, "At NPG, we fear that the final census numbers that are revealed next year will show that America's population continues to soar out of control. Without any effort to halt, and eventually reverse, this disastrous climb our nation will pay a huge economic, social and environmental price."

Mann concluded his letter to President Obama by asking for his support for NPG's efforts to get Congress to create a U.S. Commission on Population Growth to study the dangerous consequences of massive increases in population and immigration.

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