Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Non-profits and Schools Turn to Online Resource During Economic Downturn

RJ Note: Both Braelinn Elementary and JC Booth Middle Schools utilize this service to boost their fundraising. One of our staff has also used it through the schools and gives it a thumbs up.

With gas prices rising and the housing market already in a slump, economic fears have led to a national drop in charitable contributions making it harder for non-profits to keep up with an increased demand in services. As more and more nonprofits begin to feel the pinch, many are refocusing their fundraising efforts.

One standout pair of solutions – and – allows supporters to give to their favorite organizations without spending a dime. is the Yahoo-powered search engine that donates a penny per search to the charity or school of the users’ choice. Similarly, GoodShop donates a percentage of every purchase from more than 700 top online retailers.

Over 60,000 nonprofits across the country are actively earning funds from the GoodSearch and GoodShop strategy with over 100 organizations submitting new applications daily. Success stories range from the ASPCA which has earned more than $15,000 to care for animals to the Bubel Aiken Foundation which has earned more than $8,000 to send disabled children to summer camp.

Nonprofits report that GoodSearch and GoodShop are not only a source of significant donations, but also an effective way for supporters to feel connected to the organization everyday. Especially in this time of recession, even small donations go a long way and every extra dollar counts.

GoodSearch and GoodShop have grown into a massive grassroots movement online, attracting the attention of leaders in the nonprofit industry, students, bloggers, writers, and even celebrities like Jessica Biel, Montell Williams, and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 who have all created videos on behalf of their favorite charities and GoodSearch.

The GoodSearch and GoodShop team is revolutionizing online philanthropy so that no one is denied the opportunity to support the causes most important to them. “When the economy weakens, charitable organizations are often the hardest hit,” said Ken Ramberg, Co-Founder of GoodSearch and former President of MonsterTRAK, the largest online career site for college students (now a division of “GoodSearch and GoodShop are helping to alleviate that strain in resources and make it possible for everyone regardless of how much time or money they have, to give back.”

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ross.shanken said...

GoodSearch is a great site. Also, check out - similar concept, but less "dilution" of funds with 5 charities at a time - site just started this week, so word just starting to spread.