Monday, March 16, 2009

Non-Profit Seeks Partners for Major Cover-Up

RJ Note: Hip, hip, hooray! Finally, someone is going to tackle that age old problem of hospital gowns! Grab it and growl!

/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Soldier On, a non-profit agency dedicated to helping homeless veterans of the United States armed services reclaim their lives with integrity, dignity and hope, is looking to restore some dignity to another, more widespread group: medical patients. The Northampton, Massachusetts-based Soldier On, which has created a national model for assisting homeless veterans, hopes to partner with a designer and manufacturer to create a new garment to replace the undignified, revealing and outdated hospital Johnny. The new garment, to be called the Rodney, will be marketed and sold to hospitals, clinics and medical practices by Soldier On, with proceeds going toward the agency's ongoing efforts to end veteran homelessness.

Soldier On's move reflects an ongoing national trend in which non-profit organizations become involved in money-making ventures in order to raise funds to support their mission. It comes concurrently with the launch of a capital campaign through which Soldier On is seeking to raise funds for two first-of-their-kind limited equity housing projects that will allow formerly homeless veterans to own their homes for the first time. Sales of Rodneys ideally will support both the Veterans Village housing developments and the organization's ongoing efforts to help homeless veterans get the help and support they need in order to reclaim their lives and their place in society.

Soldier On has begun its push toward development of the Rodney with a print ad seeking a designer and manufacturer to partner with them on the project. The ad was created and placed with funding from Robinson Donovan P.C., a Springfield, Massachusetts law firm that has devoted its marketing budget to assisting Soldier On. With the headline, "We're A Good Organization Looking For A Little Less Exposure," the ad calls on American clothing designers and manufacturers to join the cause. The goal is to create a garment that provides patients with more privacy than the open-backed Johnny while continuing to serve the needs of medical professionals during treatment and examination. Rodneys also will offer an American-made alternative to Johnnies, almost all of which are manufactured in China.

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Anonymous said...

I started just such a company in 2005. Though our demographics are different, the thinking of the hospital gown as a dreaded piece of cloth is the same. Please look at our website, We have already designed the garment you are looking for. The Original Healing Threads are made in the USA.
We have sent our break-away pants to the Marines and soldiers @ the Lundstuhl in Germany. My husband served in Vietnam with the USMC in 1969 and deeply cares about all military past + present and wanted to do something for the guys fighting in Iraq + Afghanistan. I hear they love them and consider them superior becausse they look like real man pants. I guess that means they like the color black.
Our Casual tops are also favored by men in beige, black, and brown. We have patented break-away panels that allow only what needs to be exposed to BE exposed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Our phone # and e-mail address are on our website.