Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ALIPAC Asks NC Community Colleges to Keep Ban on Illegals

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling on the North Carolina state Board of Community Colleges to reject illegal immigration and reject pressures to lift a ban on illegal immigrants in NC Community Colleges.

"Only those who can prove they are legal immigrants or US Citizens should be admitted to any of our taxpayer institutions, including Community Colleges," said William Gheen of ALIPAC.

"The scientific and unscientific polls tell us a vast majority of North Carolinians support the ban on illegal immigrants. We also know that the vast majority of communications the board has received on this issue have opposed a lifting of the ban. We hope the board will stand with the taxpayers who fund their operations and keep this ban in place."

A recent WRAL online poll shows that only 14% support allowing illegal immigrants to attend NC Community Colleges. At the time of this press release, 82% oppose allowing illegals into college! These findings are consistent with the certified scientific polls on such matters.

"We do not need anymore incentives or magnets for illegal immigrants in North Carolina," said William Gheen. "We finally got our state government to stop giving licenses to illegal aliens and now this board wants to consider letting illegal aliens back into our colleges, now that the Governor's race is over?"

The North Carolina Community Colleges supported the ban in 2008, when candidate Bev Perdue was in a close race for Governor and was a member of the same board when this controversial issue came up.

"If they reverse their policy this year, it will be clear that the ban was merely a publicity stunt to protect Democrat candidate Beverly Perdue's run for Governor," said William Gheen.

Members of the public can continue to submit their opinions on this matter to the board via Mr. Richard W. Sullins, Executive Director of the State Board, at 919.807.6969 or

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