Friday, August 7, 2009

Curious about AARP and AMA

I've been seeing stories, hearing stories, reading stories about how the membership of the AARP and AMA are not happy with the stance the two organizations have taken on Obama and Pelosi's health care destructo plan.

I don't know enough about either organization to be able to speak with any authority on WHY the top dogs would so blatantly go against what appears to be the majority of their member's wishes.

I know they're big business. I know there's a LOT of money involved. I know they lobby. I believe they both donate to candidates and endorse certain candidates.

I've heard and read that the top echelon is comprised of liberals and Democrats (usually one and the same, but not always ;-)

I have to believe that somehow they believe they are going to benefit from working with Obama and Pelosi. Maybe they've been promised something.

I've been polling doctors and medical professionals as I come across them. Not one of them has had anything but disdain for Obama and Pelosi's plans for our health system. They all agreed that something needed to be done, but not what is being crammed down our throats from above. Many had read through the various proposals and really knew what they were talking about.

My doctor yesterday told me she's called every friend and relative, some who are very involved in the Democratic Party, and told them her views, what they could expect. She said most had no idea what was included in the proposals and what might happen if they made the changes they're proposing.

I am guessing that one part of the AMA and AARP decision making process is being done in complete isolation from the membership. They sit in their cushy offices and are being serenaded by Obama operatives. They are being wined and dined and led down the path of destruction. They think they know better than the rank and file.

I heard this morning that AARP is waffling, at least in appearance. They're trying to say they're not really endorsing any particular plan, they just want what's best for the membership.

Does anyone really believe that the motivation for those making big bucks in their big beautiful offices is really sitting there going "hmmm, this would be good for our members" without any consideration for their own job security? Even those who may honestly be trying to do that have to be influenced by their peers, by their proximity to power, by their comfort with Obama and friends... It's big business and big business looks out for the bottom line. The future of the business.

For groups like AARP and AMA I'd imagine they walk a fine line. They have members on all sides of the political spectrum. They have to run a business while trying to keep those members happy. They exist to lobby and get favors. There's always a quid quo pro.

I wonder why groups like that don't have member votes? Why wouldn't they send our email proxy votes or allow members to log into a secure member only, one vote only, website page to decide whether to endorse someone or something?

If all an organization wants from me is my dues and I don't have representation, or they go against my values and beliefs, I'm not joining. I think the reason AARP may be prevaricating on their stance is that members are screaming. Maybe some or many are dropping their membership. It's always about the bottom line. These days, my experience has been that you can get all the discounts AARP provides without the membership. If you're not using their insurance, what's the point if they're just going to endorse a plan that will ultimately destroy our health care system and result in fewer medical options for seniors? Makes no sense.

Mark Tapscott - New email endorsement shows AARP going all-out for Dems, Obamacare

Not that there was any doubt about it, but a new email campaign by AARP's liberal Democrat-dominated Washington staff makes it crystal clear that the leadership of the 40-million member seniors group is going all-out for Obamacare and the House Democrats' version of it, H.R. 3200.
The email alert is especially interesting because AARP is a tax-exempt non-profit that is barred from participating in partisan campaigns, though it is allowed to do a limited amount of legislative lobbying of Congress. No doubt the AARP leadership in Washington will argue they aren't doing anything they aren't allowed to do as a 501(c)(4), but this new email campaign throws the spirit of the law right out the window.

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