Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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1. Obama Disappoints NBC By 'Falling Short' on 'Climate Change,' Fret Expectations 'Dashed'
A lover's quarrel emerged Tuesday night in the media's love affair with President Barack Obama. He disappointed NBC by failing, at the UN's "Summit on Climate Change," to go far enough on global warming. "President Obama's being accused of falling short on the environment today with the whole world watching," Brian Williams teased NBC Nightly News. Williams framed his lead story through the prism of the left as he fretted that, "in the eyes of a lot of environmentalists," Obama "fell short." Worse, while other nations are "ready to change, ready to get cleaner, President Obama's speech left a lot of people wanting more." Reporter Anne Thompson wistfully recalled that "when Barack Obama became President, many in the world hoped the U.S. would take a leadership role in stopping climate change" and so "that led to big expectations for today's speech - expectations that were quickly dashed." Thompson asserted "the world wanted to hear President Obama make a commitment to specific cuts in carbon dioxide emissions. Instead of action, it got talk" and, in the ultimate insult a journalist can deliver, she rued how Obama had "one line that sounded a lot like his predecessor, George W. Bush, who refused to agree to emission cuts without similar actions from India and China."

2. Matthews Warns Talk Radio 'Gonna Pay' If Any Anti-Obama Violence
Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, ominously warned that the "activists on the radio," are "gonna pay," if "we have violence in this country against our president of any form," for having "encouraged the craziness." Matthews made that charge in a segment, with NBC News' Chuck Todd and the Politico, that began by the MSNBC host wondering if the GOP was "jumping the shark," with "these crazy town meetings," and declared "the clown show is over."

3. Worried Lauer Asks Bill Clinton if NY Gov Hurting Democratic Party
During a wide-ranging interview with Bill Clinton, on Tuesday's Today show, about his Clinton Initiative summit, NBC's Matt Lauer wanted to get the former President's advice on whether current New York Governor David Paterson should run again. Lauer, seemingly concerned about the GOP capturing the governorship in New York state, asked Clinton if the unpopular Democrat's reelection bid might "hurt the Democratic Party."

4. ABC Notices Obama Administration's Effort to Suppress Criticism of ObamaCare
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's decision to go to the Senate floor on Tuesday to call out the Obama administration for using the full power of a federal regulatory agency to suppress free speech -- specifically, to silence Humana's predictions about the impact of proposed ObamaCare cuts to the Medicare Advantage program -- led ABC, but not CBS or NBC, to air a story on the "gag order."

5. News Photographer Excoriates Newsweek for Cropping to Make Cheney Look 'Sinister'
Famed news photographer David Hume Kennerly took to the New York Times' "Lens" blog last week, with an update on Monday in which he denounced Newsweek's "skewed imagery to advance its editorial agenda," to excoriate the magazine for "photo fakery" in how it cropped a picture he took of former Vice President Dick Cheney to imply "something sinister, macabre, or even evil was going on." Kennerly proposed: "The Sept. 14th Newsweek cover line -- 'Is Your Baby Racist?' -- should have included a sub-head, 'Is Dick Cheney a Butcher?'"

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