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A few of the customer reviews on Verizon's Samsung Intensity II cell phone

I thought I'd share a few of the reviews I found on the phone. I haven't gone out to see what kind of reviews there are on Verizon Wireless, the company. I promise, this is the last I'll write on this issue -- at least until I get a response from the letter I'm mailing (assuming I will) and my talk with Clark Howard (consumer guru) if I get through to him.

These are the reviews I found with similar problems / issues. There are a ton of bad reviews but I only grabbed phone shut-down, freeze issue related. I learned my lesson well -- I will do some research BEFORE I get a phone in the future!!!


"Terrible Phone" on August 13, 2010 by spacetime6 (1 review)
Pros: It look nice and the camera is good for being 1.3 megapixels
Cons: Terrible battery, feels cheap, slow, freezes
Summary: My whole family got this phone and it has been nothing but problems. It has terrible battery life. It barely makes it through a day of average use before it dies. The phone is slow and lags when going through menus or typing messages. It also freezes and occasionally, buttons will not work. The phone also restarts itself for no reason. We have talked to Verizon about our problems and they don't seem to think the phone really has a problem.

Pros: QWERTY key board AND normal phone dialing on front. Slides easily, cool menu. Very attractive.
Cons: Sometimes freezes or stops. No video.

Pros: So far (3 weeks) I don't have a complaint about the battery life. The microphone and sound quality are acceptable.
Cons: Major Cons: Phone freezes in an unresponsive state. Keyboard lock is frequently ineffective.
Summary: I, too, have had problems with the phone locking up and battery removal/reinstall is only way I've found to bring it back to life. Also the keyboard lock isn't very effective and random dialing is a problem. Text messages aren't organized in a user-friendly fashion. The camera is of poorer quality than you would expect these days. And after three weeks I am still having problems hitting the incorrect buttons on the front screen...poor layout and too cramped.

Pros: I like the keyboard
Cons: I do not like the text message set up. you cannot organize your texts efficiently. numerous internet based sites just suddenly open up and log themselves on. Buttons are too easy to push to talk even if the keyboard is locked.
Summary: This phone does not function properly. This phone would shut off with no other way to turn it back on than to remove the battery and replace it. I took the phone back to the phone sales department within the 30 day warranty period. I purposely took it back when phone was in this state and unable to reboot or start up. The salesman told me there was nothing wrong with this phone and that it was working when I brought it in even though he had to remove the battery and replace it to get it to power up. This phone is useless to me. It has already cost me a few very valuable calls. I will not and cannot recommend this phone since it has software problems and shuts down so that you cant get it powered up at all. The salesman was trying to claim the phone was in sleep mode. I think it was in dead mode. The battery had a full charge each time these episodes would happen and once the battery was reset the charge would go down a bar. This had happened several times and is not my imagination as the salesman would like to have implied. there is definetly something wrong with this phone. When the phone shut down, I had someone call the phone, just to make sure there was no connection. There was no call received on the phone and no text message was received. This phone is a rip off.

Pros: Looks nice
Cons: This phone works properly from one-half to three-quarters of the time, depending on its mood that day.
Summary: So many, many things wrong with this poor excuse for a phone!! Some of them: 1) Sometimes, it won't stay on Contacts list, just instantly returns to the main screen, over & over & over. 2) Won't always complete calls: rings once, then cuts off and returns to the main screen (with 2 or more reception bars). 3) Doesn't always answer calls. If locked, asks you to Unlock, then when I hit Send, this cuts off the call; or just hitting Send first works sometimes, sometimes not. I've been through all the locked/unlocked combinations so NO it's not my error. 4) Has sent blank texts before I hit any keys at all. 5) Does not always alert if a new text comes in. 6) When I get a new text, it tells me "2 (or 3 or 4 etc.) New Messages, but there's just one. 7) The one text that I definitely wanted to Save was the one text that simply disappeared from the phone the instant I opened it. 8) Hitting center select key (while on Main screen) can make it try to do any random function of its own choosing. 9) Power connector is in middle of left side so that if you want to talk on the phone (some of us still use phones for talking!) while it's powering, the jack is exactly where my hand wants to hold it - this could be a personal issue, I realize. Well, that's probably most - but not all - of the problems I've encountered with this phone, from Day One. I have never dropped the phone. I've been using cell phones for about 10 years and have never had any problems like this before. I absolutely hate this phone and can't wait to take over my daughter's old phone instead, since she upgraded to the Droid. I may have had more problems than most - maybe got a real LEMON - but if you read the other reviews, except for the one Pollyanna who accuses the rest of us of stupidity, how could you want to buy this?

Posted November 26, 2010
I have used this product for: less than a month
Expertise: intermediate
# of SAMSUNG products I own: 1-2
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
Posted November 26, 2010
"The Intensity II has been great for pocket dialing (even when "locked"), not unlocking to allow me to answer incoming calls, repeatedly trying to access the web so I can pay for unwanted web access, and new for today not letting me make outgoing calls to my wife who wonders why I won't return her voice mails. Don't buy this phone. The software STINKS!"
Cons: Poor quality, Did not meet expectations, unlocks in at least two unintended ways

Garbage...a tin can and yarn is more dependable.
Posted November 2, 2010
from Clover,SC
I have used this product for: less than a month
Expertise: intermediate
# of SAMSUNG products I own: 1-2

No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
Posted November 2, 2010
"Within five days of owning the phone it locked up with a screen "USB Main Download". I could not get it to power off or anything. I had to remove the optional hard shell cover (not an easy task), remove the battery, and then I was able to turn on the phone. The very next day, the phone was dead and I could not get it to power on! Again I had to remove the hard shell cover, remove the battery, and then turn the phone back on. UghHH!
What is worse is the USB Mass Storage or memory card accessory will not recognize my photos. They are JPEG which is in the JPG format, yet I can't use the card for what I wanted. This fancy looking paperweight is going back to the Wireless/Cellphone store today!
I have alot of respect for Samsung. I have owned a great digital video camera in the past (still works great) and I still own a 42-inch plasma, both by Samsung.
This purchase has impacted my likelihood of ever purchasing another Samsung product."
Pros: Inexpensive
Cons: Poor quality, Not high def, Too big, Did not meet expectations, corrupted software
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

Retrevo Real Time Reviews (compiles reviews from across the Internet)

Quote: “The majority of people had negative reviews and opinions about this product.”
Based on the facts above, Retrevo's recommendation is: Buy with caution if you really want it

(Amazon Review Page) This review is from: Samsung Intensity II SCH-U460 Phone, Metallic Blue (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
I'm on my 2nd one in 2 weeks - both of 'em like to lock up while the screen is lit up and run the battery down.
These things are junk!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
1.0 out of 5 stars It likes to lock up, November 18, 2010
By Matthew S. Fite (Fernley, NV United States) - See all my reviews

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