Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good morning world! Ready for a little self-discipline?

My dad is a person of discipline and habit. He's flexible where it matters but in his day-to-day routine he never varied when I was growing up. I'm not so sure about now given he's not trekking off to an office everyday, but back then, we could set the clock by his morning ritual.

Up every morning long before my little peepers started to stiffly open. Showered, dressed and to the kitchen for breakfast by the time my feet finally hit the floor.

He would have a small bowl of cornflakes with a teaspoon or two of bran atop and just enough milk to match the amount of cereal precisely. He'd take half a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and a bag of potato chips for lunch. He left the house at the same time and pretty much got home at the same time every work-day.

I have no idea what his weekend ritual was since yours truly never got up early enough to see it!

Later when the cost of cereal started to sky-rocket he quit putting bran on top of his cereal. Hope that didn't cause him any problems! For a long time I bought him a box of bran for his birthday and Christmas. He was appreciative but Mom finally told me that it wasn't a good idea as when he ran out he didn't replace them.

My morning ritual isn't quite so locked in stone but I do have a few regular habits. I must, must have at least one cup of hot tea in the morning. I like to have the biggest cup available and usually will end up having two (perfecto!). I typically wake up, take care of business, then walk straight to the computers, reboot if needed or start them up. Then I head back to the kitchen to make my tea. I drink my first cup in front of the computer catching up with the world on Twitter and Facebook.

Then it's back to the kitchen for my second cup and breakfast. I've kind of gotten into a habit when it comes to breakfast, too. I now eat either one whole wheat low-fat waffle or the Pepperidge Farm thin whole wheat sandwich bread with some low-fat cheese and / or two Morning Farm fake sausage links.

I make my breakfast and head back to the computer. Usually by then Twitter is going full-force making me completely forget about whatever I'm eating. After the food is gone and the cup of tea is history, I open up my email and settle down to delete spam and read the rest.

After that my morning goes in so many directions I couldn't begin to share!

I wish I had half my Dad's discipline and ability to focus, stay the path. About the closest I come to emulating some of his good traits is my morning structure, which I admit could change tomorrow. Now that I'm older I see how important self-discipline is to success. Sure sometimes people back into something good without having a modicum of self-discipline and inner strength. They're also the ones you read about who had it all and blew it, too!

I've tried through the years to be more structured and focused. I've failed every time. I'm just one of those people who's head is continually turning to see what else is happening. I want to try everything. I can't say no to a good cause and somewhere deep down inside I really do believe I'm superwoman and I can take on any challenge. Note I said take on any challenge --- I said nothing about succeeding!

Oh well. Time to get busy. I have a newspaper to update and the studio is calling.

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