Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grab your tissues and prepare to be inspired

This is a video from 1999. It is a timeless example of true love and inspiration.

The young man in the wheelchair being helped in the Iron Man has cerebral palsy, is mute and a quadriplegic. His family was told he'd be a vegetable and to put him away. Instead, his parents (now divorced) and two brothers treated him as a regular member of the family.

When he, Rick, was 15 his Dad pushed him in a 15K race. He wrote on his computer that it made him feel like he wasn't handicapped.

At the time of the video above Rick was 37. His dad, Dick Hoyt, was 59. They were the first tandem couple to ever complete the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. It took them just over 16 hours.

In thinking and reading more about the father-son duo a myriad of positive messages flitted through my mind. Think about what it takes for a Dad, who I understand wasn't a runner prior to their first race, to push through and become strong enough, determined enough, to do this for his son. How can I complain about the petty things in my life when I watch that video and reflect on their lives? How can I whine about the aches and pains I have from walking or running when I'm in perfect health, have healthy children, after reading about this family?

The pair are still running together and have a website,  Reading through the pages on the site it turns out that the duo have now completed six Ironman competitions!

I guarantee you'll need tissues to watch this.


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