Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So long Comcast, sending Xfinity into the beyond...

It's been a very frustrating few weeks. I've finally decided that my only option is to ditch Xfinity / Comcast and move over to Uverse or whatever it's called...

My emails have been vanishing into thin air. Some go through, some don't. I thought it was my web host as I have umpteen different websites and multiple email accounts for each site. I have it set up so they go to three different computers so I can keep up with them a little easier.

When they couldn't find a problem I figured I had a corrupt file and so spent time deleting emails, reloading programs, cleaning out things, and doing all the things you do when you have huge email files.

Nothing worked.

I receive emails just fine. It's when I reply or send that I have problems. I decided to call my web host instead of opening an on-line ticket and get to the bottom of it today after doing some experimenting on which ones were vanishing, trying to find a pattern, etc. After a loooonnnngggg time we finally discovered that my IP address was being blocked by pbl, zen.spamhaus and others. Six all told. The only solution they could come up with was to have Comcast assign a new IP address.

Ha ha ha on me.

The Xfinity woman-with-attitude that I talked with dumped it back in my lap but not until she messed up my Internet service. She had me unplug their modem and she tried to reset the IP address. She dorked it up trying to do something -- she admitted it. Because of whatever it was she did, I couldn't get back on to the Internet via wireless. I was on hold multiple times while she talked with her supervisor, they tried various things... THEN finally told me I had to call Comcast's Signature Support as it was over their heads.

She neglected to tell me that I had to PAY for the privilege of talking with Signature Support.

She messes up my system and I have to pay to get it fixed. You know I was a bit uptight about that one...but I make my living on the computer and you do what you have to do. I paid.

While working with the $$$ignature $$$upport guys (yep, took two), I learned that I shouldn't be using my Netgear router --- which the Xfinity guy who installed the new router when we bundled phones into the system NEGLECTED to tell me... So, after they got everything up and running, yours truly had to run to the store to buy an adapter 'cause my main computer was too far away from their modem to work. My other computer is, luckily, near enough to plug in directly.

I am livid. I STILL don't have my email working. Turns out I'm not alone with this problem. After talking with some tech friends and doing some research I learned that having a Comcast IP address blocked on the receiving end is not unusual. Seems that Comcast is supposedly the most abused email system when it comes to spamming. And, if what I've read is correct, Comcast isn't going to do diddly-squat about it.

I wasted an entire day on this mess and it's still not resolved. I decided to wait until tomorrow to try Comcast again. I want my money back for Signature Support. I also want them to find a solution for the email problem. If not, adios Xfinity.

Wish I'd NEVER decided to bundle phone, Internet and TV.

Gotta tell you NOT to do the phone thing... they told us incorrect dollar amount (extra monthly $8 not shared during multiple discussions), told me modem had 12 hour back up so wouldn't lose phones during Comcast outage. Lost service during first outage...they had to come out & put in a new modem. I could bore you to tears on the subject of Comcast phones (assuming you haven't already gotten bored and quit reading, of course ;-). I will tell you that to solve THAT problem I have to unhook the TV modem they gave us, travel to their center & exchange it...time, time, time.

Now this email problem with the modem. IP address can't be changed 'cause of the type modem, or that's what they told me.

I know U-Verse AT&T will more than likely bring its own set of problems, but I'm tired of fighting with Comcast. And, I need my email to work.

Guess that's enough venting for now. Writing a blog and sharing with whoever reads this is SO much better than kicking the wall or hitting a pillow .

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