Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Facebook going nutty over email...

What goes with Facebook and these new emails? Getting rid of them is a pain. It's necessary to get rid of them, too, because they go nowhere. I understand that supposedly we're supposed to be able to email back and forth to the accounts ON Facebook? But I can send a message to anyone I'd like already by clicking on the "message" button on their page so that doesn't sound reasonable, or right.

I went in and made mine vanish from my Facebook info page. You can make them go away if you're on Timeline also. I could understand if they wanted to give everyone a FB email account...I did see the message on the top giving me the option to change my FB email name for a week or so before they made the magic change. I didn't understand WHY they wanted to give me a FB email, definitely didn't understand that they were going to make it visible on my profile page and do slide the one I had on their into oblivion.

You'd a thunk they've told us they were going to do this massive flick-of-the-switcharoo and explained why... If there was a button on the "your FB email is blah-blah-blah" box that was on top of the page for a while, I missed it. It would have made more sense to have a message saying "We're getting ready to make you have this account and we're going to make it your default email and show it to the world". I might have paid some attention if they'd had a big warning.

Of course, I gather it's a big split as to whether most people on FB even know they have a new email!

I happen to like Facebook, love keeping up with my family and friends, and love meeting new people. The exposure to things I would have missed is fantastic. It is a bit time consuming and addictive though. I'm trying to tether back a bit.

Did you notice they gave you a new email? that it was listed on your info / about page? Did you change it? What do you think about Facebook? Google+? Pinterest? Twitter? So many ways to keep in touch these days, so little time to live life away from the computer...

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