Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best Buy Blues...

I'm getting a tablet of some sort for my Christmas present. We decided to wait until after Christmas so we could shop in peace without the rush. We also thought we might find a better deal after Christmas.

My "go-to" place for computer type buys has always been Best Buy. We bought two televisions there recently, and picked up a Roku for Christmas.

We shop around but have been happy with their service, the prices, and their proximity.

Not so at the moment. I went in on Saturday to compare the various tablets, had pretty much decided I'd be getting one of their Samsung tablets. I have not decided which one would be best for my needs so I went in to ask questions. They were busy but not overly so. I went to the area and started looking. A woman was at the desk in the area doing something. She never looked up. I was there for over 20 minutes looking at the various tablets, comparing, playing with them, etc. Not once did anyone come ask to help.

I wandered around looking for someone to help, trying to catch the eye of someone. I'd try to catch the attention of one of the staffers walking by, waved my hand at one, but they all had tunnel vision, probably on a mission to help someone else. The woman at the desk had vanished at some point.

After going up and down a few aisles, circling the department, I finally gave up and left.

New Years day I wanted to buy a sound track to a movie I'd just seen and thought I'd stop in to see if they had it (one left!). We're looking for a washer / dryer so stopped in that department and looked. There was a guy in the department working at the desk... I had learned my lesson the previous Saturday --- I walked up and asked for help. He was helpful.

Then I stopped across the corridor to look at the tablets again. Given there was another couple looking at them I thought maybe between the three of us we'd catch someone's attention. They gave up before I did. They really didn't try to get help, but based on their conversation they were seriously contemplating buying one of the smaller tablets.

I wandered again but didn't stick for quite as long.

I guess I'll make the trek to some other store. The Best Buy is close and is about the only game in town if you have questions.  I think that H.H. Gregg has tablets, probably Sams, I may go check them out. Or I'll do what I probably should have done in the first place and do some research and shopping on-line. After all, I consider myself a semi-geek-ette. I should be able to handle it... but somehow I still prefer talking to someone who knows something.

To be fair, I could have gone to the guy at the entrance and told him I wanted someone to come to the area. By the time I was willing to walk to the front I was a bit frustrated and just didn't have the patience -- or time --- to talk with someone.

It won't stop me from buying again at Best Buy, but I am disappointed. If they'd been overwhelmingly busy I wouldn't have minded. Guess I just expect better...

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