Saturday, August 9, 2014

Comcast / Xfinity Update @comcastcares @comcastmike

Bottom line: the problem isn't fixed.

Started tweeting, found a supposed "secret" website page on a forum and sent info, sent an email to the address @comcastmike sent me...and continued to call every day. Not sure which worked, took a few days to get a response from any of them but finally a Mr. Spencer called. He hadn't read anything and didn't have a basic grasp of what the issues were so I updated him. He should have been aware, not good that an escalation contact wouldn't the info at his fingertips. It was a pleasant conversation but anyone who's tasked with calling under these circumstances should have had the background and been ready to act rather than starting (again) from scratch.

Moving on...

I mentioned that we'd waited on a tech again for Wednesday but they didn't show. We hadn't schedule it, became aware when the lady called Tuesday night to tell us they'd be out. I cancelled my plans to be here. He said it showed we had not answered when they called for the tech visit on Wednesday. Not true, a "real" person called & I spoke with her @ 5:30 p.m. Tues. No calls showing on my phone or the home phone --- course, if they called on the Comcast home phone could be it never showed since it only works sporadically.... However, I let it go. No point in arguing ---- especially since we'd already had 4 techs out and they all said they couldn't find the problem.

All the techs had said it was an area problem when they couldn't find an issue at our house, nothing they could do. Mr. Spencer said he didn't show an area problem. I found out later he can't SEE an area problem unless it's an outage or current calls. Anyway, he called the local supervisor or manager and arranged to have someone, a "super" tech, out to see us that same day.

The super-tech checked everything, said it was an area problem. He said Comcast was splitting nodes either this week or next and hopefully that would fix the issue. They thought possibly they had too many customers on one node and it was resulting in issues. It didn't happen this week or, if it did, it didn't fix the issue 'cause we're still having problem.

Haven't heard back from Mr. Spencer. I had erroneously "assumed" that he'd call back to check on us... ya know, like someone who 'cared' would have, right?

Also, I was given the local supervisor's phone number and told to call him on Friday. I called twice, left messages, no response. Thought maybe # was wrong so tried variations, talked with some interesting people but not the supervisor.

Received an email and a call yesterday saying a tech was coming out today from 10 - 12. I wasn't going to be here so didn't cancel my plans and missed the call totally from this morning as I was in class. No one asked me if I would be here before deciding to set the appointment. I think Mr. Spencer may have set it, seems like he said something about it but then he upped the ante and had someone come out the same day we talked. Maybe he didn't cancel it.

Long story, but we're still having the problem. We now possibly, probably, know what's causing the issue and guess we'll just wait and see. Up to one more week of spotty service, phone calls dropped, Internet in and out.

What I've learned is that Comcast really has a horrific system of keeping their customers happy.

My suggestions:

- have a system in place where after 2 or 3 calls the complaint is automatically routed to someone who follows up and has some authority to do something other than just send out another tech. Having to call daily to get the run around is ridiculous.
- we shouldn't have to call billing to ask for the guarantee they have on their site to happen. Only ONE of the many, many techs and customer service types I talked / chatted with mentioned it existed. It should be automatic, not something we have to beg to get.
- give that person, whether it be a supervisor or super-customer service type, the ability to SEE area-wide problems, to track issues, to use a bit of common sense. I'd suggest a liaison in various sectors who got the problem so they're at least familiar with the area and can talk with the techs, the supervisors, etc.
- do a better job of writing up what is happening so the customer doesn't have to repeat the same problem over and over. When we call and say, "it's still happening" then that info should be available.
- give people the option of reporting an issue with "multiple services" on the phone touch system rather than having to choose phone, internet or TV.
- follow up with customers. Most of us just want to be kept abreast of what's going on. We were told repeatedly that no one would be calling us to let us know when the supposed super tech type would be coming to track down the area-wide problem.
- Get some people working customer service who are pleasant. Some were, some weren't. None had a clue other than one super nice guy in Illinois, Kendrick, who impressed the heck out of me. The supervisor I spoke with was  rotten.

There are other things that have crossed my mind while dealing with Comcast/Xfinity over the past few months. Wish I'd written them down...but I've given enough of my life to trying to fix this issue. 

I used to work customer service and I used to go into areas with issues and organize them, turn them into profit centers. Comcast's left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and it comes across clearly to the customers. No wonder we're so frustrated with the service. .

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