Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa's mail...

I was just reading a short article on mail going to Santa. The "Universal Postal Union" is expecting Santa to receive more mail this year than last. In 2006 the number of letters sent to Santa topped six million! That's a lot of mail.

In Canada Santa has his own zip code.

Unfortunately, not all of the letters are children asking Santa for a much wanted toy. Many are children with serious needs. They ask for food, underwear, toothpaste and sometimes a roof over their head. Sometimes it's parents in dire straits hoping for help in providing the basics for their children.

Across the world postal workers stand in as Santa. They adopt families or children with verifiable needs and they get others to adopt these families.

I think it's admirable that the postal workers, and the many, many businesses and individuals who heed their plea for help, reach out to do something special for others at this time of year.

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