Sunday, February 24, 2008

Would you have fired this guy?

Man Fired for Posting 'Dilbert' Becomes Subject of Comic Strip
DES MOINES, Iowa — A seven-year casino employee fired after posting in his office a "Dilbert" comic comparing managers to "drunken lemurs" has become the subject of the strip.
David Steward was fired from the Catfish Bend Casino because management found the cartoon "very offensive," human resources director Steve Morley had testified during a hearing on unemployment benefits in December 2007. The casino had challenged his claim for the financial assistance.,2933,331543,00.html

I can see a reprimand maybe... maybe. There aren't too many people who don't poke fun at their bosses at times! Seems like these guys must have been a bit high strung. I used to work in management for a large mega-corporation, we had to document, go through all these hoops before we could fire someone. If I'd fired someone for a cartoon it would have been my tail end that was out on the street for opening up the company for a lawsuit.

You never know in this kind of story though. It's doubtful the guy is going to share with the newspapers if he's been called on the carpet for other infractions of company policy.

I remember a local story that made national news. Some kid broke into a school and was caught eating an ice cream. The judge gave him the max sentence possible for breaking and entering. There was all kinds of attention given to the story as the media and others said the sentence was extremely harsh. A friend "in-the-know" told me that when they found the kid eating the ice cream he was surrounded by a bunch of school computers he'd stacked up to steal. Unfortuately they couldn't get him for that because they were still in the school. The only thing they could charge him with was breaking into the school and "stealing" an ice cream. Must have been so frustrating for the police and the judge knowing they couldn't charge the kid with the real crime.

I've heard story after story like that over the years. The press sometimes "makes" the story and sometimes they can't be privvy to all of the information.

Interesting story, love how the cartoonist reacted, too.
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