Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ramblin' and Ravin' 'bout Celtic Thunder

I shared a bit about Celtic Thunder a month or so ago on our Music Matters blog, had to share with a few more readers just 'cause they are SO good. This mix of four Irish lads and one Scot wowed me when I first heard them on a PBS special. I had to watch it again a few days later, and of course, I went on a YouTube search to see if anyone had posted a concert or any music. Back then, the only thing available was the official intro to their new CD. Now YouTube is overrun with clips --- which shows how fast the word is spreading!

Celtic Thunder is going to be here in the states, in Atlanta, later this year (November) and it'll come as no surprise to anyone who read my earlier blog --- we have tickets already through PBS! Last week the CD showed up that we'd pre-ordered and I'm listening to it as I type.

What powerful voices these guys have! They auditioned along with who knows how many others and were hand-picked for the group. Whoever picked these five is brilliant. They each have a unique sound of their own and they're all ages ranging from teen-idol to older heart-throb (someone for every age woman to drool over ;-). Wait until you hear the youngest, Damian, sing Puppy Love!

The songs, just like the group members, were superbly chosen. No matter what genre you like the music will appeal to you. The new CD includes well-known popular songs like the Eagle's "Desperado" and "Steal Away" mixed in with numerous more traditional Celtic tunes such as "Ireland's Call" and "Brothers in Arms".

To get the best flavor you have to see them in action. If you get a chance, find a way to watch them on PBS. Or better yet, buy tickets for the concert and see them in person... it'll be worth the price just to see these guys when they walk out in kilts for one of their songs.
I think I read that they were originally called something boring like "Celtic Men". Whoever is handling them was smart to change the name to Celtic Thunder --- catchy and impossible to forget. Once you hear and see them perform I guarantee you won't be forgettin' the name and you'll be likin' the Irish just a wee bit better than you did before.

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