Friday, September 12, 2008

Cool Keyboard

I was in Staples the other day looking for a few things and came across the coolest computer keyboard. I HAVE to get one, although I managed to talk myself out of it that day somehow. They roll up. They're made of flexible silicon and get this, they're under $10 (just barely, but still, it's a GREAT price). They had some bright colors and black.

At $10 a pop it doesn't matter much if they only last a year, or six months, before the pressure on the keypad causes them to stop working! By then the novelty will have worn off anyway and we'll be on to another gimmicky gadget...

I imagine you can find these things elsewhere, definitely on-line somewhere I'm sure. I may get one just for the fun of it, or to keep as a backup in case my regular "hard" keyboard goes bad. I'm surprised I've managed to keep the ones I have going this long as I'm terrible when it comes to taking care of them. I eat at the computer, spill drinks on them and never clean them other than to occasionally shake the heck out of them upside-down to get the crumbs out.

My next purchase of a real keyboard, not the flex kind, will be a more ergonomic version that might help keep my borderline carpel tunnel at bay for a bit longer. Right now I'm wearing two magnetic bracelets and surprisingly, they actually work. I was shocked on that one. I'll have to share more about the bracelets later, gotta run and actually do some real work now!

- jmd
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