Friday, October 17, 2008

Introducing the 'Stem Cell Facelift,' to be Performed in France 10/17 at World Academy of Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Medicine

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PRNewswire/ -- Over the decades, multiple procedures have been presented for rejuvenation of the face, most of them stressing the need for extensive surgery in the form of a facelift. In the last 10 years, use of temporary fillers has become a very popular avenue for temporary rejuvenation, or at least for creating the illusion of a younger, more rested, facial appearance.

Now, with the advent of stem cell technology and a wealth of information about the aging process, a revolutionary new procedure, termed a "Stem Cell Facelift" has been created by world renowned anti-aging physician and plastic surgeon Vincent Giampapa, MD, FACS. The procedure will be presented in France on October 17th at the World Academy of Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Medicine. On November 2nd, it will be performed in the U.S. at the American and International Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, in Miami, FL.

The "Stem Cell Facelift" is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure without involving any surgery. The procedure, which Dr. Giampapa has been performing for the last 4 years, restores the youthful contour and shape of the face as well as skin tightness, and evens out color irregularities caused by the aging process and environmental sun exposure.

Although fat grafting to the face has been known and utilized for over a decade with a varying amount of success, this new approach, of transplanting "Adult Stem Cells" and fat from the lower abdominal area, and awakening them as well as the local stem cells within the face with specific stem cell growth factors, is a revolutionary technique to facial rejuvenation.

The patients treated have exhibited marked improvement not only in the underlying soft tissue contours of the face but the skin itself. These specific "Stem Cell Growth Factors" induce the skin and fatty layers to produce more of their own cells. The Factors stimulate or initiate "a signal" to both the local stem cells within the skin and fat as well as the transplanted adult stem cells from the lower abdomen to multiply and restore themselves.

According to Dr. Giampapa, fat cells, in particular the Adult Stem Cells, are now known to be a source for producing other "hormone-like" substances to enhance both skin quality and the underlying subcutaneous-fatty tissues of the cheeks, the mid face and the skin in general. The result is a longterm marked improvement that enhances both skin quality as well as the underlying youthful contours of the face.

The procedure is accomplished under local anesthesia in about an hour in the office setting. This approach, says Giampapa, is exactly what most patients are looking for -- a procedure that avoids the need for a hospital trip and general anesthesia. Recovery time takes about a week, when the face looks slightly swollen and a little pink in color. At the end of this time, light powder and makeup is easily applied, and the results document an extremely natural, full-rested facial contour.

Priced at $5,000 (whereas the surgical facelift ranges from $7000 to $13000) may also eliminate the need for ongoing facial "filler" injections like Restylane, Juvederm and the other hyaluronic acid fillers. Dr. Giampapa explains that the improvement of the skin frequently eliminates the need for Botox for many patients as well.

Dr. Giampapa is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UMDNJ Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey and Director of The Plastic Surgery Center Internationale and Giampapa Institute for Age Management. He and his colleague Michael Dobryansky, MD have offices in Montclair, NJ. Dr. Giampapa has recently been awarded a patent on his stem cell growth factors from the U.S. patent office. His latest book The Gene Makeover: The 21st Century Anti-Aging Breakthrough is currently a best-seller. He also founded the Suracell Personal Genetic Health program,, one that looks at your individual genetic profile and provides exclusive nutraceuticals that work at the cellular level for optimal genetic health.

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