Monday, January 12, 2009

Casting Teens Who Want a Break From Their Parents for New TV Show: Local Adventurous Teenagers Encouraged to Apply Immediately!

RJ Note: The grass is always greener on the other side. I suspect this show has the potential to bring home some strong messages of "appreciate what you've got." But that is only if they don't try to turn it into a circus.

/PRNewswire/ -- World's Strictest Parents, Inc. and the producers of SUPERNANNY are now searching for rebellious teenagers for a brand new series.

Teens are you rebellious? Are you tired of your parents' rules and restrictions? Ever thought about what it would be like living with really strict parents? If you would like a short vacation from your parents and are up for the challenge, the casting team wants to hear from you! This is an opportunity for teens to go live with another family and trade in their parents for a new set for almost an entire week. Call 888-41-TEENS (1-888-418-3367) for more information.

"This is a really exciting show and a chance for rebellious teenagers who want to change their ways to learn about how other families bring up their teenage kids," said executive producer Nick Emmerson about the show which is set to start filming in 2009.

The casting team is looking for teenagers (with parental approval) from every type of background who are ready to participate in a social experiment exploring the world of the 21st century teenager matched against contemporary parenting styles. The producers are seeking teens with unique interests; technically savvy teens; hippies; urbanites; slobs; surfers; affluent teens; liberals; defiant teens; and teens who have ordinary or extraordinary circumstances.

Interested teens may apply from anywhere via They can also call 888-41-TEENS (1- 888-418-3367) or email for more information.

The producers of this show are based in Los Angeles and also have offices in London and Brighton. The production company is one of the leading independent production companies of high quality un-scripted television programming in the United States and abroad. The international phenomenon, SUPERNANNY, launched the company in the United States where they are building an innovative reputation for creating transformational, critically acclaimed reality based documentary style television.

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