Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun at the Fred says it all!

I know times are bad, we're all holding onto our money a little (or a lot) tighter, and we're hearing nothing but bleak news on the tube these days. However, while this isn't exactly world-changing, recent news on the local entertainment front is a ray of sunshine that hopefully will bring some smiles to a few faces!

I was very pleased to hear late last year that Nancy Price is now managing The Fred (the Frederick Brown Jr Amphitheater). When Nancy grabs hold of a project, it's always fun and a cut above what's normally expected. She brings a wealth of knowledge, imagination and enthusiasm to the Peachtree City entertainment scene. Add Randy Gaddo, Leisure Services Director, and the great support staff to the mix and it's the real "dream team".

Shortly after Nancy took over we got word that The Fred was getting this rocking new quality sound system! They moved back to a two-night format which means even more of us will be able to attend the concerts.

Now we have a great concert line-up coming to our end of the world.

I'll have to admit, Kenny Loggins has been one of my all-time favorites from the days when he first started with Loggins and Messina. I must have every one of his songs "favorited" on my personal YouTube page!

I think many are going to love seeing Leann Rimes on the line-up, too. Her voice is phenomenal and I've heard she puts on a great concert.

The next three in the concert line-up are going to have us traveling back in time a bit. The Beach Boys concert, featuring Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, is going to be fun, fun, fun.

The Spinners are timeless. Their smooth crooning classics appeal to all ages.

Now this one may sound a bit strange, but it's one that I do not want to miss! Hippiefest.

You may roll your eyes at the title, but if you look back on the 60's and 70's as a time of great music, you're gonna love this line-up. Some of the greats from Badfinger, Brewer and Shipley, Three Dog Night, the Turtles and the Rascals are going to take us back to those crazy days.

I bet you're going to see a lot of fringed jackets, headbands, peace signs and bell bottoms at Hippifest. I hope so, cause I'm pulling out my macrame necklace and plan to have a flower painted on my face! (maybe ;-)

Last but not least, is Peter Cetera of Chicago fame. I heard him recently and he still has a great voice!

One of the things I like about this concert line-up is that, even though some of the artists aren't ones I might follow regularly, they're ones I'll enjoy hearing. They have cross-over appeal for most. I think Nancy and those at the Fred have done put together a great first series. I'm glad Nancy is managing the Fred and I'm looking forward to many fun concerts and events.

(Note to Nancy if you ever read this: Peter Noone in Fayetteville was great, Kenny Loggins in Peachtree City is fantastic... if you ever get Boz Scaggs, it'll be the perfect trio of my long-time favorites )


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