Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Dare to Believe in the Man in the Red Suit': Delivering the True Message of Christmas

/PRNewswire/ -- Thanksgiving is next week and retailers are advertising their merchandise and Black Friday deals everywhere you turn. With the bad economy, many families are feeling the pressure of the holidays and stress of not being able to buy the gifts their children are asking Santa to bring on Christmas morning. Melissa Larsen's "Dare to Believe in the Man in the Red Suit," published by AuthorHouse, helps parents and children remember the true reason for the season and reminds them to focus on the seven gifts of Christmas.

Tabby Mae, the story's main character, starts to question Santa Claus as she notices the stress and tension between her parents. Like many families this year, her parents don't have the money to buy new decorations and host their annual Christmas Eve party. They're left with the dilemma of telling their daughter the truth because they won't be able to afford the presents she wants this year.

After overhearing her parents' conversation, the little girl goes to bed and prays for her parents and to help them have the best Christmas. An angel suddenly appears and helps Tabby Mae to recall all of the wonderful Christmas memories stored in her heart and recreated all of the child's favorite family traditions and decorations for her to see. In the middle was the man in the red suit.

Suddenly, Tabby Mae sees the man in the red suit kneeling beside a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. She overhears Santa praying to the baby Jesus explaining that he delivers small presents to people each year as a reminder of the gifts Jesus gives us each year and the red suit represents Jesus' love and life.

The angel explains to the little girl that the man is St. Nick and that to focus on the seven gifts of Christmas: hope, peace, faith, joy, comfort, love and knowledge. Tabby Mae was then able to realize the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to believe in the man in the red suit.

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