Monday, April 23, 2012

First time for jury duty...

Well, it's almost 8:30 a.m., my check in time for jury duty. I, along with over a hundred others, got here early and am now sitting in the room wondering what comes next. There's still a long line of people checking in.

I was surprised at the number of Sheriff's deputies hanging out down by the check-in screening area. I wonder if people give them grief or try to carry in contraband. I brought half my life in anticipation of being here for a long time. I have my laptop, two bottles of water, a book, snacks, paperwork, purse with all the usual paraphernalia. I did remember to take the mace off my keyring and, just to be on the safe side, I left my ultra-large barrel mascara in the car. I used to have a metal compact that always triggered the sensors when it went through the scanner --- for some reason when it was slightly angled I was told it looked like a grenade.

Not much else  to share at the moment. I showed my ID when I entered the room. They didn't catch the fact that there was a discrepancy in the name on my ID and the name they listed, but I wasn't going to point it out. I then came in and signed in. Now I sit.

Some people have attempted to get out of duty, and succeeded, while I waited. One had been convicted of a crime, the other just postponed their "duty" for another day. The room is filling up. If I counted correctly there are at least 160 seats plus some extras scattered in the back. There's still a line waiting to get in and it's now 8:33 a.m. I think we're going to fill up the room.

Nuff for now. I'm waiting for the band to set up, the music to start, breakfast to be served, coffee, tea and crumpets...

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