Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jury duty update

Great news -- the case settled so I don't have to serve. I found out that I was not on one of the panels that would have been selected anyway, so settle or not I wouldn't have to go through a trial.

On a side note, yesterday I heard a story about the troubles they were having in Fulton County (Atlanta, GA) getting prospective jurors to show up. If I heard correctly, only 17% of those who get the notice actually bother to show up. Wow. That's sad. They're getting ready to crack down and start fining people up to $500 for not showing up. They are also offering a one-time amnesty for those who show up and sign up (and show up) for jury duty in the next month.

Here in Fayette County I'd guess we had close to 100%. The room was packed. I found the experience very well run, informative, and pleasant. I didn't want to spend my time sitting in a courtroom but believe it's part of our system and my "duty". Shoot, if I ever have to go through a trial (please, no, no, no) I'd want someone like me on the jury...

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