Monday, May 28, 2012

Falderal and Hendersonville, NC

Don't you love the word "Falderal"? Obviously my spell checker doesn't 'cause it's popped the squiggly red line under the word... what foolish nonsense. Ummm, well the definition of falderal does include foolish nonsense....

Anywaze, the reason I'm going along on what some might call a worthless trifle is 'cause Falderal is the name of a winery in Hendersonville, North Carolina and I fell in love with their wines over the weekend!

I did a show with my son up there over the Memorial Day weekend. Someone from the winery posted a comment on Facebook inviting their friends and fans to visit them. I popped a comment back saying we were going to be up there working the show, would love to stop in but knew we wouldn't be able to do it (long days when you're working a show!). They said to let 'em know where we would be and they'd bring us a sample! Wow, how out of the way, above and beyond nice --- and obviously someone who cared about promoting their wine (very good business sense).

Saturday afternoon someone DID drop by with a sample. Yours truly tried the "Nantahala White" which is a peach chardonnay. Absolutely loved it. Turns out the winery was just a few blocks away! So, long story short, we bought two bottles of the Nantahala White, plus two bottles of their "One Pink Toe" which is a raspberry zinfandel. Ditto on how good it is...

The BAD part about this story is that they can only sell in North Carolina. The GOOD part is that a lot of my friends live up there or nearby, or vacation in the area, so at least I can encourage them to buy and try. Even better, my sisters and I have been talking about a girls weekend in Hendersonville. Not because of the wine, it's a trip we've been talking about for a while. However, we will definitely be stopping by the winery to get the weekend started on the right foot if you know what I mean!

Prior to our girls weekend, we'll be having a girls night and Falderal wine will most assuredly be part of the night!

Hendersonville is a great place to visit and live based on my discussions with the locals. I've done the Memorial Day show for three years now and each year I am more impressed with the area and the people. Finding a great winery just adds to the attraction.

Here's what the label has to say about Falderal Winery: All wines made by Falderal Winery are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure high quality and full flavor. Our wine is crafted locally from the finest juices from all over the world! Once you try it, we know you will agree."

I agree. --- haven't checked, but maybe they can ship! If they do, I'm gonna try some other wines.

Addendum: I just popped over to the Falderal website. You must, must go check out the wines they carry! Shoot, I may have to buy one of each and line them up on a shelf just for comments when people come to visit. Great names, great labels, lots of fun: