Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bad truck driver...

You can see there's traffic. he cut across from the far right to the middle lane, cutting off people in all lanes.
I was heading home from setting up an art show Friday on the north side of Atlanta. I was in the middle lane of I-285 between 400 and Spaghetti Junction, going East, when a truck on the on-ramp jumped AROUND all the vehicles merging from the ramp onto 285, cut across the full striped merge median, cut across the lane he SHOULD have merged onto (if he'd merged correctly) and almost ran me over getting in front of my car. If I had not slammed on my brakes I'd have been toast, along with a few other people.

He did it so quickly there was almost no time to react. Scared the heck out of me. Then it made me mad.

It wasn't like we were going anywhere fast for a while anyway, it was rush hour traffic as you can see from all the cars. I left Cumming, GA about 5:15 p.m. so we were truly in the middle of typical bumper-to-bumper Atlanta traffic.

I whipped out my trusty camera and took photos. This BAD J-Par Trucking driver is going to get someone killed at some point. I think he must have seen me taking photos because he slowed his truck-butt down when I passed him.