Saturday, March 15, 2008

Is the High Class Call Girl a Myth?

Random thoughts on Spitzer...

Democratic Governor Spitzer's foray into the world of prostitution certainly has a lot of people talking... and a lot of people trying to stop the talking! This is a scandal that one side of the aisle wants to disappear with lightening speed. The press is probably going to do its part to help in that regard. There will be little sputters here and there, but overall it ain't gonna last anywhere near as long as it would if the word "Republican" were in front of Spitzer's designation.

I've already posted a ton of articles in Republican News Sweep for those who're interested in getting a good sampling of news stories. There are a few that deal solely on how the media is treating the issue as well as just the general run down.

I don't understand the women. The so-called "high class call girl" and the wife. I'm thinking the wife must have been promised a sweetheart deal. Either that or she's in shock and her first inclination was to support her husband.

He portrayed himself as a bastion of goodness. The righteous warrior stomping out evil where it reared its nasty head. Chances are he probably kept that image up at home, too. Sooner or later someone is going to toss out the theory that he just snapped from all the pressure of being so good. You know, the stress of taking down all the bad guys for so long had him blowing up like a balloon, he had to have relief, an outlet, or he'd burst.

Who knows what caused him to pick up the phone and dial 1-800-givemesex or whatever.

How does a girl gets hooked into that kind of life? If she's dealing with "gentlemen" of "refinement" does she fool herself into thinking it's a date that ends in sex? This is entirely different from the street-corner prostitute most of us think about when we hear the word. How'd she get hooked up with the ring in the first place? How do they recruit?

I'm curious, but not that curious.

Spitzer's actions and decisions have hurt a lot of people. His wife and children. The tax payers of New York. The Democratic party. The people who worked for him. The many people who probably looked up to him, thought of him as a role model. The list is long.

He was the creator of consequences for those who broke the law for so many years. Did he really believe the betrayal of his marriage vows, the breaking of numerous laws, wouldn't have consequences someday?

Is the High Class Call Girl a Myth?
The Emperor’s Club VIP, an international prostitution ring, markets so-called high-class call girls in cities around the world. The escort agency claims that the girls are well-educated, sophisticated and able to carry on intelligent conversations. The pictures are typical cleavage and legs, but the advertising text includes vague references to the girls’ successful careers and great personalities.
The reality, though, turns out to be just a bit different.

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