Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two in a row... Cops Find Man's Stolen Mustang 37 Years Later

Two interesting stories in a row! Have to share this one...

Can you imagine having a stolen car turn up after 37 years? I saw the photo of the car and it looks like it's in great condition. The article made it sound like the guy might not want to reclaim the car. Geez, a 1965 Mustang? good condition? I guess for me it would boil down to how the current owner felt about the car. If it had been sold a few times and the current owner needed it (rather than wanted to add it to a stable of autos), then I might be inclined to let them keep it. Don't know.

Reminds me of my stolen wallet. I worked in a mall many years back, had my wallet stolen three times. Yep, three times. I was cautious, too. One time it was taken from the back room which was locked, my purse was hidden in a box. The other person working had hers stolen, too (or I might have considered employee theft). The first time it was stupidity, was an innocent who didn't think about those kind of things. The last time I had a purse I bought because it had a large buckle strap, almost impossible to open, no way to slip a hand into the purse. Somehow someone did. I tried it myself, never could figure out how they managed to get the wallet out of the closed purse while I had it on my shoulder.

Two years later I received a call from mall security. They found my wallet in the bushes outside the main doors. My checks were in there, all my cards, photos and other stuff. No cash, but hey, I was living on a shoestring so at most they managed to get $10 from me. It was just strange to know I had been walking right by it every day for over a year.

My little story doesn't compare with having a car turn up close to 40 years after it disappeared.

Cops Find Man's Stolen Mustang 37 Years Later
After 37 years a Los Angeles man may finally get his stolen Mustang back.
Eugene Brakke was recently told by the San Diego Police Department auto theft unit that his 1965 Mustang was found in their city, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

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